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4. Continuous Evolution: Through Our Coaching, everyone is always three steps ahead of the game to make sure you hit your Goal

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: What If I Don't Have Any Coaching Experience (In-Person or Online)?

A: No problem! One of our core pillars here at Dynamic Fit Pros is "Mind Growth" to help you think differently, think bigger, and play bigger! As long as we feel like you have the potential, right motivating factors, and mindset required, you will be approved. In our program we’re going to cover not only how to get established, and build your business, but also the essentials you will need in order to be an effective & dynamic coach. Including nutrition, training, supplementation, building programs, and resources you can utilize to further your education!

Q: Other Programs Overpromised Me & I Didn't Get Results, How Do I Know This Will Work?

A: Our methods have been tried and proven. We’re teaching you the same tools, and methods that have helped us build our coaching businesses to 6+figures. To be able to hit 6-figures is not impossible, but does require a certain amount of passion, work, effort, and a detachment of outcome. IF you are in this, solely for the money, we would prefer you not apply. Also, there's a conditional money-back guarantee so if you come in and don't like what you see you can get your money back.

Q: I Can't Afford This Program, Is There Anything You Can Do For Me To Invest?

A. Absolutely, we have several financing, and payment plan options available, as well as an option for you to use PayPal credit for 0% APR for 6 months. If you're interested in the financing option or have questions simply schedule a call with our team and we can walk you through it.

Q: How Do I Position Myself as an Expert Without Social Proof?

A: Rome wasn't built in one day. Everyone starts from zero, even us. As long as you can give people hope, accountability, certainty, add value, be relatable, and have a passion to speak people will follow you. The biggest thing is making sure that you demonstrate those things and simply not walls of client results. We also have great strategies to get around this that many of our successful coaches have executed.

Q: How Much Time Do I Need To Commit To This Program?

A: The minimum amount of time needed to see a positive ROI would be around 5-10 hours per week. There will be weekly calls that will last around 60-90 minutes. You’ll also be required to implement “homework” assignments based off your "6-Week Scale Plans" that we help you create. Outside of these commitments, you can invest as little or as much time as you want into your business it just depends on how quickly you want it to grow. We also offer two “group support calls” where you will be joined by other students to help support each week's goals, alongside unlimited 1-1 support. We are clear in saying: you can devote as much time as you choose, but the time devoted will also directly correlate with your success.

Q: I am Afraid to Make This Commitment & Decision?

A: We get it and can totally relate because we felt the same way when we first started. But at the end of the day you are your own greatest investment and building the skills we teach you will last you a lifetime to create more income, impact, influence, and independence as a health and fitness coach.

We and our team will help you overcome all your limiting beliefs so you can reach your true God given potential. If you do not win, we do not win!

Also, there's a conditional money-back guarantee so if you come in and don't like what you see you can get your money back.

Q: What Will I Learn In This Program?


How to overcome your limiting beliefs and create a "WINNING BELIEF SYSTEM"


1. Understanding "AMO" (Audience, Messaging, Offer) Designing the framework of your business. Defining your specific niche, theme, and vision to attract your "Perfect Future Clients"

2. Marketing in a way that is tailored specifically towards your ideal client, and learn how to “story sell”.

3. Creating a CRM overview for managing your clients, following up on leads, tracking statistics and making sales.

4. How to price your services and know your worth and value.

5. High Ticket Offer Creation - Irresistible offer structure.

6. Having different tiers of products and how to funnel towards each product or service.

7. Full sales support, including specific modules teaching you Inspirational Selling-based model, How to create your High Ticket Sales System, and Close Higher Paying Clients.

8. Creating a Content Machine, Strategies, and Re-purposing systems.

9. Email marketing

10. Copywriting 101 for messaging.


1. Fitness Marketer First, Video creation, and understanding our "SIRVEE Method".

2. Mastering The Game of Facebook

3. Sell By Text. How to Turn Conversations Into Conversions.

4. Creating a content calendar, and how to create content that SELLS.

5. How to stand out on IG and work the algorithm, drive engagement, and build a strong, engaged following.

6. Instagram Growth Strategy to find your Perfect Future Clients.

Systems and Business Structure

1. Building a Well-Oiled Machine, Outsourcing, and delegation.

2. Time ownership/blocking and useful tools for your business - phone call scheduling, signing documents, Instagram resources, program agreements, collecting payment, etc.

3. Perfecting Systems: how to structure client onboarding, customer experience, program delivery, automate tasks such as training program delivery, and payment systems, along with further automation including sales follow up sequencing.

4. CRM and Building a Well-Oiled Machine

Becoming a Dynamic Coach- Nutrition and Exercise Programming

1. Nutritional overview

2. Calories/macros

3. Rigid thinking approaches and strategy to set your clients up for SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS.

4. Goal setting

5. Energy Balance and how to calculate starting macros.

6. How metabolism works.

7. When and How to make adjustments to the client’s macros

8. Diet breaks, refeeds, re-sensitizing to Insulin, adherence and more

9. Diet Strategies: Keto, Intermittent fasting, micronutrients, § Reverse vs. Recovery dieting.

10. Top essential supplements and the best sources

11. Sodium, water and meal Timing

12. Eating out, alcohol, handling social situations

13. Training overview & programming

14. How to create a questionnaire that sets the tone and collects everything you need from your client

15. How to assess volume and frequency of training

16. Hypertrophy VS strength progression

17. Workout building apps, tools, and resources.

Advanced Biz Topics (based on position of students in their business.)

1. Sales funnels and opt-in training (Fit Pro Solution)

2. Paid ads modules

3. E-mail automation and segmenting

4. Advanced e-mail copywriting

5. Advanced sales strategy and selling through DM.

6. Team building: VA's, staffing, standard training procedures, contracts, and outsourcing.

7. Storytelling

8. Accounting/ Finance/ Legal - Guest Expert Coach

9. Advanced Copywriting: Guest Expert Coach

10. Maximizing profit levers

11. Creating webinars, and video sales letters

Q: What Will I Receive In This Program?

1. Access to your coaches, Chris, Eric, and Terra via email/ text, one on one phone calls, and group coaching calls

2. One to one kick-offs call with all coaches to setup your customized "6 Week Scale" plans for your coaching biz.

3. 2x Weekly group call with further education and support (open office hours and Mind Growth)

4. Facebook Lives throughout the week to support questions, and expand on weekly material.

5. Individual coaching calls as needed, 2 time per month.

6. Access to pre-recorded material, templates, educational resources, and unlimited support in the Facebook group.

7. WhatsApp Group for support with all other students.

8. Homework assignments to hold you accountable and MAKE SURE that you’re putting into practice what you are being taught in order to ensure raving success within your business.

9. Guest experts/presenters through the program from industry leaders.

10. Group accountability and support from a group of Online Coaches that allows you to cross-promote, learn and grow faster than you would alone!

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