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These strategies and tactics we will be giving you in 4 days will allow you to build your online health coaching business.

So if you want to...

1. Start or Grow Your Online Health Coaching Business

2. Have a Proven System to Get Predictable Results

3. Generate $4,000 in less than a week...then we invite you to join the FREE Boot Camp

Not Your Ordinary Boot camp!

We know you are super busy building and running your business, and potentially having a job. We know its hard for you to sit there the entire time and that's why we want to make this even more worth your while. If you stay during the 4-Day Boot Camp you will get FREE prizes from some of the TOP brands below. Once you join the Boot Camp there will be more details on how to win these prizes below!

  • Amazon Gift Card (Value TBA)

  • (3) Log Eat 2-month Membership Access (Value $150)

  • Icon Meals Gift Card (Value $150)

  • Zen Athlesuire Apparel

  • (1) Scholarship to our Online Fitness Clients 2.0 Program (Value $3000)

  • Copy of our "Rise Of The Fit Pros" Book

Here is what you will be learning inside each 

LIVE Training!

Day 1: How to finally overcome the self doubt, know your worth, and know you can build your online health coaching business and make money using the Inspire & Take Imperfect Action Formula.

Monday May 6th @ 7:00pm CST (5pm PST/6pm MST/8 pm EST): 

Day 2: DO NOT make this same mistake we made when starting our online coaching business and that's taking on every single client like we did. It was the FASTEST way to kill our momentum...we wish we knew this sooner, and now we are going to teach you how to avoid it & identify your perfect future client.

Tuesday May 7th @ 7:00pm CST (4pm PST/6pm MST/8 pm EST)

Day 3: Why you should immediately stop selling the old way which is thinking clients are going to press a button on your website and give you money. Instead, we will teach you the new way using the “6-Figure Health Business Formula" so you can comfortably sell high ticket programs ($2,000 or more) and have clients happily pay. 

Wednesday May 8th @ 7:00pm CST (5pm PST/6pm MST/8 pm EST): 

Day 4: Uncovering SOX, the method that multiplies your clients, money, impact and grows your online health coaching business by adding the systems that help you get more done without killing yourself working double the hours.

Thursday May 9th @ 7:00pm CST (5pm PST/6pm MST/8 pm EST): 

Each LIVE lesson will be around 30 minutes long. In as fast as 2 hours you will have all the components you need to post on social media, attract the right people, and turn them into high paying online clients.

Once you uncover these powerful basic components you automatically will create more income for yourself and your family, reduce financial stress, and ultimately build a run way to eventually leave your job (or the clinic/practice).

And what better way to learn than with unlimited access to us during the 4-day boot camp and simple action steps each day that compound to $4,000 in 4 days.

Once you join the 4-day boot camp below you will receive an email and access to the private group where you can connect with all the other hungry-like minded participants.

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Don't just take it from us... hear what our past students had to say





-John Canlas, RD


-Mark Nendick

-Colette Morris

-Matt Smith

-Colt & Taylor

-Wesley DeHaven


You Might Be Thinking How Do You Guys Know How to Help Nutrition & Fitness Coaches Make $4k in 4 Days? 

Who are we? 

We are Chris (left) & Eric (right) Martinez former online nutrition & fitness coaches with over 14 years of experience turned health & fitness business coaches who've helped over 800 coaches and we know what it's like to get started as a coach, feel lost, and struggle...

We help Health Coaches & Professionals (Nutritionists, Registered Dietitians, Naturopaths, Holistic Health & Wellness, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists Personal Trainers, S & C Coaches, Therapists-Life coaches, etc) get to $10,000 months without the complicated tech, no paid ads, and ditching the fancy websites so they can create more Income, Impact, Independence, and faith over fear.

We've been in the fitness industry since 2009. Worked with over 1000's of clients via online nutrition and fitness coaching and built multiple six-figure businesses.

And now we have served over 850 nutrition and fitness professionals the past 5 years via our Dynamic Fit Pros Mentorship.

We know about all of the misinformation out there when it comes to building your Online Health Coaching Business, we made over $250,000 worth of mistakes (90% of the blame on Eric. jk).

But, heck, we managed a way to sustain a multiple six figure business (Dynamic Duo Training) for 8 years, so we would say we did some things right.

When we first started our first Health and Fitness Coaching Business we felt as if we were alone on an island. We had no direction, guidance, or business plan to execute and it costed us money, time, frustration, and heartache.

We were so cheap and scarce minded when it came to hiring coaches, this was our biggest downfall! If we could go back in time we would have invested in coaches right away.

We literally thought we could do it on our own without any coaches or mentors and once we put our egos aside and hired mentors, it all turned around for us as business owners and coaches.

So, we totally feel your pain when starting your Online Health Coaching Biusiness and having a scarce money mindset!

And that's why we created this Free 4 day boot camp because we heard every excuse in the book from fitness & nutrition clients, such as:

I can start next month.

The timing isn't right for me.

I don't have the money right now.

Imagine what an extra $4,000 can do for you right now?

This boot camp will help you with that and help you have a great business game plan in 2024!

You ready?

Got questions? Check this out:

How Do I Join The FREE Boot Camp?

Click/tap any of the "Yes, sign me up now buttons".

Who Is This Boot Camp For?

Online health coaches and professionals and aspiring ones.

When Does The Boot Camp Start?

May 6th

When Does The Boot Camp End?

May 9th

Can I access the replay videos?

Yes, 100%

What Will I Learn In This Boot Camp?

How to make $4,000 in 4 days

This "$4k in 4 Days” Boot Camp starts Soon!



-Chris Morrissey




-Tawnie Made "$5k In one Week"


-Terra Dawn "Shifted her Biz 100% Online in 6 Weeks!"

-Shaun "Made $4800 in a week"

-Nicole Cardone "Scaled her Nutrition Biz in 8 Weeks!"

-Laura made $2,500 in a week

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