Nutrition & Fitness Coaches Listen Up:

In 5 Weeks Have Your Online Nutrition & Fitness Business BUILT, Make an Extra $3k Per Month, Recession Proofed, & Become a Certified Flex Diet Nutrition Coach...

Okay, here's the SCOOP….

On January 24th, we are getting some great nutrition and fitness coaches together and showing them exactly how to make an extra $3k per month and beyond in their business, recession proof it, and become a Certified Flex Diet Nutrition Coach faster without the grind..

We are combining two powerhouse programs so you can learn how to create more income, impact, & independence as a nutrition and fitness coach and get certified as a nutrition coach!

If you are looking to build a sustainable integrity filled business and become certified in nutrition, then we are for you. If you are looking to make a quick buck and look for shortcuts, we aren't for you.

We've called this program...

"Online Fitness Clients 2.0 & Flex Diet Certification"...

Enrollment is open now and closes Mon Jan 23rd, 2023 at 11:59 PM PST.

Imagine If...

You finally had a thorough scientific understanding of metabolic flexibility and become a certified Flex Diet Nutrition Coach while building a profitable online coaching business.

You got done-for-you client intervention strategies for each aspect of their nutrition.

You felt confident in your nutrition coaching ability and learn how to work with your clients’ habits.

You stopped worrying about inflation, the recession, and living in fear mode.

Your clients actually enjoyed the journey to becoming that next better version of themselves.

You finally understood how to build a profitable online coaching business.

Most coaches are a few clients away from an extra $3k a month, and that makes a real financial difference.

We’ll work on getting you that extra $3k a month within 5 weeks. We'll give you everything you need to make that happen, and nothing you don't.

No ads. No funnels. And no tech. The only tool you'll need is your phone.

Here's what we'll work on...

We're going to solve the 3 biggest problems that stop coaches from growing their businesses: Delivery Fear, Lack of Leads, and Sales Discomfort.

First, let's remove any Delivery Fear — where you're either unsure if the program will really work for your clients, or worried that if it goes well, you'll be bogged down in fulfilment.

1. We'll start with Confident Delivery — making sure we're clear on your niche and the transformation you create with your perfect future clients. Even though you can coach anyone about anything, we'll get faster results by focusing on one target market that you want to be a hero to.

2. Next, we'll design your offer and your price together. We'll make it a no-brainer for your prospects, and super profitable for you. We're aiming for a $1-3k offer, so we can hit our $3k a month goal with just 2-4 sales a month.

3. Next, we'll design and implement your High Ticket Offer... so you've got a clear path to getting your clients a result — and can confidently market and sell it, knowing your clients will win, and you will love the light delivery model.

The result? You'll be 100% confident in your ability to deliver real-world results for your clients, without burning yourself out. This confidence boost will make marketing and sales night-and-day different for you.

The second problem we'll solve together is a lack of leads.

As a coach, it seems like you've got 2 options to generate leads: Pay for expensive ads, or post organic content and hope you get there ... slowly. Luckily there's a better way, and we'll install it next...

4. First, we'll help you connect with 50 ideal prospects every day, using a simple script and strategy we have developed. And we will show you how to implement the "Spear Post Plan" to.

5. Get prospects to raise their hand using our SIRVEE content method: we will create posts that turn friends and connections into prospects. These posts are short and simple, and we'll copy and paste 2 a week to make sure there are always new people commenting to talk with.

6. Finally, we'll work the comments, where the magic happens. Conversions happen in conversations, and our sales process starts here — turning comments into dialogues to see if we're a fit.

By now, we have hot leads every day, and your sales pipeline is full.

The 3rd and final problem is that, if you aren't a pro, sales are really uncomfortable. We're not going to try and turn you into someone you're not. We'll just set up the sales process that makes conversions easy. Frankly this is where the fun begins. We're taking 3 of the most powerful strategies from our Accelerator Program, and giving you access to them here.

7. First up, we'll use Sell By Text to turn your comments into booked appointments using a simple message script. It works on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and email. Your sales calendar will start to fill.

8. Then we'll use my Set Call to quickly work out who's a good fit for you, and who's not. We'll set up a 2nd appointment with the right fit ones, and

9. Finally, we'll use the "7 Step Dynamic Sales" Process format to enroll new clients into your program every week — with no pressure or awkwardness. It's one of the most amazing things I've ever created, and even if you do a bad job at it, 60% of the people you speak with will become paying coaching clients.

You Don't Need Another Free Trial... You Need REAL Results!

Watch This Demo Of Our Proven System

How The "Online Fitness Clients 2.0" Program Works?

  • You go through each weeks training (5 total weeks) on your own, each weeks training requires no more than 2-3 total hours

  • Then bring your questions to our weekly group call so we can coach you up and give you 13 years worth of experience

  • Develop valuable relationships in the community group with other like-minded health and fitness coaches and exchange coaching and business ideas

  • Each week, you will get one of our TOP lead generation tactics that have helped over 800 health & fitness coaches the past 4 years, never have to worry about getting clients again, & have your brand stand out

  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to All Videos and Material

How The "Flex Diet Certification" Program Works?

  • You go through each weeks training on your own, each weeks training requires no more than 2-4 total hours
  • Explore "The 8 Metabolic Flexibility Intervention Points" that are at the core of all body composition transformations and performance improvements.
  • Learn from multiple perspectives to get a well-rounded nutrition education. You'll learn big picture concepts and context, scientific theory, expert opinions, and practical action items for each intervention.
  • Implement strategic nutrition coaching interventions that keep your clients motivated and improving and your business flowing with ease.
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to All Videos, Material, and You Walk Away as s Certified Nutrition Coach

How Much Time Do I Need?

We recommend you allot at least 2-4 hours a week for study and implementation.

Get These Exact Results in 5 Weeks...Guaranteed!

Build your online nutrition and fitness coaching business and recession proof it faster w/out the grind

Make an extra $3,000 a month

Become a better overall business owner through our mentorship and 13 years of experience in the trenches

Make lifelong business partnerships with likeminded health and fitness coaches

Learn how to play offense in your business, not defense

You will know your worth and value as a coach and no longer charge dirt cheap prices

In THE FLEX DIET CERTIFICATION, you will learn why, how, & when to use these in your programming.

Feel confident as a nutrition coach and your delivery

You'll get Dr. Mike T Nelson's personal email address to answer any questions on the material!

Two Amazing Programs, Two Incredible Ways To Join!



(3) payments of $399


$997 one-time

Pay in full (Save $200)

Lifetime Access to our exact process for creating a custom system for getting clients, consistently and quickly

Lifetime Weekly group coaching calls + Q & A (replays available)

Lifetime Access to the Private community group to exchange ideas, be motivated, and build long-lasting business relationships

6 total hours of high-value, laser-focused video content

Mastering The Game of Instagram & Facebook Trainings

All our workbooks, cheat sheets, scripts & templates we used to use in our online fitness coaching business

BONUS: Lifetime Access to Flex Diet Certification Course ($597 Value Itself)

Lifetime Access to our exact process for creating a custom system for getting clients, consistently and quickly (Paid in Full)

Lifetime Weekly group coaching calls + Q & A (replays available)

Lifetime Access to the Private community group to exchange ideas, be motivated, and build long-lasting business relationships

6 total hours of high-value, laser-focused video content

Mastering The Game of Instagram & Facebook Trainings

All our workbooks, cheat sheets, scripts & templates we used to use in our online fitness coaching business

BONUS (1): Lifetime Access to Flex Diet Certification Course ($597 Value itself)

BONUS (2): 30 minute one-on-one strategy call with Chris & Eric

BONUS (3): Backstage passes to attend our exclusive LIVE Accelerator trainings

BONUS (4): Ticket to our Live Intensive Group Training Workshop

BONUS (5): 365-day social media calendar, so you won't ever wonder what content you need to post!

BONUS (6): Invitation to apply for access to Chris & Eric's exclusive Accelerator Program!

They Got Results! And So Can You!

D'Lena- Got her first 5 paying clients

Sudee- Got her first 3 paying clients

Kayleigh- Got her first 3 paying clients while working full-time!

Holly- Got her first paying clients

Amber Cory- Got her first $1k paying clients

Jeff Toledo-Got his first hybrid training clients

Joe Wade- Raised his prices with his coaching application funnel

Joe Padilla- Dialed in his niche and messaging and got his first online client

Conor & Adam- Recession proofed their fitness business by adding online training

Alexander Hurst- Made $3k in one week & got his first online clients

-Laura Jimenez made $2,500

-Anna Scaccia's Win

-Dustin Detzer's Win

It's Time To Put In The Work And Get The Results You Deserve! Build Your Online Coaching Business and Get Certified as a Nutrition Coach!

If you're not 100% satisfied with your results, we guarantee a full refund from the program! We've helped over 800 hundred HEALTH & FITNESS COACHES with this system and we know you'll be just as successful. Let's work together to take your business online.

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Why You Should Trust Us.

We Are Not Your Gurus...

  • You are the expert, you know what your clients need... With everything in the fitness world being turned upside down, you don't have the time or the energy to sift through all the so called "experts" who want to give you advice on what they are doing to figure out a way to stay in business. We've been training solely "ONLINE" for over a decade and we want to give you the short cuts to the online fitness training business model.  
  • We don't just teach this stuff; we actually do it. We use this EXACT system for ourselves and our clients to increase their profitability. We are NOT just repeating what XYZ "top-secret" formula is being taught by the latest guru (insert gag reflex here).
  •  We've helped Health & Fit Pros make LOTS of money. We've worked with hundreds and hundreds of Health & Fitness Professionals and We've seen what works and what doesn't.
  • ​We are GOOD humans. One thing everyone tells us is "You two are so humble and nice". We get that from our mom and we get the work ethic and being relentless from our dad which unfortunately passed away when we were 18. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our Health & Fit Pro Students and Integrity. 
  • ​We've created a dream life where we get to work (or play) when and where we want. We are living proof that it's 110% possible to have it all. And we want you to have that too.

Meet The Coaches

We help Health & Fitness Coaches (Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Registered Dietitians, S & C Coaches, etc) get to $10k months without the complicated tech, no paid ads, and ditching the fancy websites so they can create more Income, Impact, Independence, and faith over fear.

We've been in the fitness industry since 2009. Worked with over 1000 clients via online nutrition and fitness coaching.

And now we have served over 700 nutrition and fitness professionals the past 4 years via our Dynamic Fit Pros programs.

We know about all of the misinformation out there when it comes to building your Health & Fitness business, we made over $250,000 worth of mistakes (90% of the blame on Eric. jk).

But, heck, we managed a way to sustain a multiple six figure business (Dynamic Duo Training) for 6 years, so we would say we did some things right.

When we first started our first Health and Fitness Coaching Biz we felt as if we were alone on an island. We had no direction, guidance, or business plan to execute and it costed us money, time, frustration, and heartache.

We were so cheap and scarce minded when it came to hiring coaches, this was our biggest downfall! If we could go back in time we would have invested in coaches right away.

We literally thought we could do it on our own without any coaches or mentors and once we put our egos aside and hired mentors, it all turned around for us as biz owners and coaches.

So, we totally feel your pain when starting your Online Coaching Biz and having a scarce money mindset!

This is why we created the OFC 2.0 Program and community! We want to see you win and we know we can help you reach your goals.

Mike T. Nelson, CSCS, CISSN, MSME PhD, is a research fanatic who specializes in metabolic flexibility and heart rate variability, as well as an online trainer, associate professor at the Carrick Institute, presenter, creator of the Flex Diet Cert, kiteboarder, and (somewhat incongruously) heavy-metal enthusiast











"Profit or Pay Nothing Guarantee"

They Got Results! And So Can You!

-Matt Smith

-Colt & Taylor

-John Canlas, RD


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